AerosUSA Cable Entry System

AerosUSA Cable Entry System (CES)

AerosUSA is a leading cable protection company who has always made it our mission to meet the customer’s needs. We work with innovative, cutting-edge manufacturers to provide our customers with the latest technological advances. This has led us to pair with Detas SpA and become their exclusive North American distributor of the DetasUltra cable entry system product line. Designed to provide innovative and reliable solutions, the DetasUltra cable entry system is extremely economical and minimizes the number of components needed as compared to similar products on the market.

cable entry system cable entry system

Solutions for Pre-Terminated Cables

Managing multiple pre-terminated cables has long be a struggle throughout industry. The use of HDMI, VGA, Coaxial, Industrial Ethernet, USB and Sensor Cables have been the source or cable management headaches for a long time. The cable management industries solutions to date have been complicated, multi-component and expensive. AerosUSA’s line of splittable frames resolves all of these issues with a simple design, adaptive frames all the while keeping prices low.

Along with a full line of splittable frames for rectangular and square cutouts, we have also come out with a full like of splittable cable glands. Our line of splittable cable glands allows for easy management of multiple, pre-terminated cable when the only entry option is a threaded entry hole. Available in both tooled and tool free options, installers can send one or multiple cables through an electrical panel or other application with ease.

Our splittable frame and cable gland solutions have a wide range of key features making them appealing to industry.

  • NEMA 4X / IP 66 ratings for pre-terminated cable applications.
  • Robust splittable frames with integrated gaskets.
  • Snap-In UL94-V0 split frame inserts with single and multi-port sizes for terminated cables.
  • Snap-In inserts include lock-in feature to hold insert in place prior to final assembly.
  • Wide range of sizes available to meet various requirements.
  • Stainless steel screws for easy assembly of loaded frames.
  • Frames can be easily stacked due to assembly screws being accessed from the sides.
  • Cable glands available with threads ranging from M20 to M63.
  • 90-Degree options available in both frames and cable glands.
splittable cable frame cable entry system


Solutions for Non-Terminated Cables

Along with the struggle to manage pre-terminated cables throughout industry, there is as big if not bigger struggle when it comes to managing non-terminated cables. Current solutions on the market tend not to have high protection or strain relief levels. Or installers have to result to using a traditional individual cable glands into threaded holes. AerosUSA now offers an economical solution with high ingress protection, added strain relief and most importantly easy installation.

Our cable plates for non-terminated cables come in a variety of styles allowing for diverse cable installations. The cable plates are offered in rectangular, square and circular models and are able to accept anywhere from 1 to 72 cables in a singular plate. When the application does not allow for a cut-out to be made and the only option is a threaded entry hole, we also have the solution for that. We offer a series of round cable entry plates with threads ranging from M20 to M63 and accepting 1 to 63 cables in a singular plate.

Our cable plate solutions have a wide range of key features making them appealing throughout industry.

  • Wide range of cable diameters accepted in the same cable plate.
  • High water and dust ingress protection, NEMA 4X / IP 66.
  • UL-94V0 flammability materials are used for the ultimate in fire safety protection.
  • Double membrane design for added protection and strain relief.
  • Low profile options.
cable entry plate cable entry plate

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