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Flexible Cable Chains

Designed to keep cables safe while facilitating ease and unity of movement, flexible cable guide chains are critical to ensure the continued life and performance of your wiring. Flexible cable tracks are highly valuable to the automation industry, where machines are constantly moving and require multiple inputs to sustain their power and programming.

As a leader in supporting industries ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications, AerosUSA understands that cable management and protection is vital to your business operations. A flexible cable guide will prevent entanglement, minimize stress and keep cables or hoses organized for easy maintenance, all while keeping them free of dirt and debris.


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Keep Cables Safe and Organized With Flexible Tracks

Our flexible cable chains are sturdily built and engineered for longevity so your machines can keep turning a profit. We want our customers to get the most out of each product, so our flexible cable tracks are hinged for easy manual loading. They will also accommodate cable loading across their entire width to provide the greatest possible efficiency.

Designed with an ideal bend radius, AerosUSA flexible cable guide chains allow for a specific amount of flexion. In turn, these guide chains allow for smooth movement — key for the function of automated machines — without putting undue stress on cable jackets. Keeping cable movement within this range eliminates excessive wear and tear, reduces the need for cable replacements, and decreases the potential dangers of exposed wiring.

Reinforced and constructed of wear-resistant components, AerosUSA flexible cable tracks are designed to withstand constant movement. Their unique design allows for vertical, horizontal and rotary motion to keep cables under control while facilitating a variety of machine movements.

Flexible cable chains are an excellent option for hose management, preventing sagging and ensuring a constant flow. The gentle limited bend radius serves to ease strain on the hose material while eliminating the possibility of pinching, reducing the risk of leaks.

Since we work with customers in many different industries, AerosUSA maintains a product selection with features such as corrosion and heat-resistance. Our flexible cable chains tolerate chemical exposure without breaking down, making them suitable for a variety of environments.

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AerosUSA Makes Cable Management Easy

Modern industries are constantly evolving and placing new demands on their equipment. When our founders could not find a supplier with the product knowledge to meet their needs, they decided to start their own. Our experienced team has knowledge of offshore, mining and numerous other fields that require the best equipment on the market.

AerosUSA is passionate about providing the best customer experience from start to finish. Whether you need to discuss your project or make a quick order, you can expect professionalism, quality products and fast shipping. We keep our prices competitive so customers get the most for their money.

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