New Products!

New Products!

AerosUSA is a leading cable protection company who has always made it our mission to meet the customer’s needs. We work with innovative, cutting-edge manufacturers to provide our customers with the latest technological advances. Whether it’s in materials that improve performance and reduce cost or developing products to meet the changing needs of the market, we have your solution.


AerosUSA Cable Entry Systems

Multidimensional cable management solution to accommodate a diverse range of cables needed in electrical applications. Safely and securely install multiple cables, either terminated or non-terminated, inside equipment and electrical cabinets.

AerosUSA is the exclusive North American distributor of DetasSpA, specifically the DetasUltra cable entry systems that are manufactured to the highest quality. The DetasUltra cable entry systems are designed to provide innovative and reliable solutions at economical prices. The key advantages of our Cable Entry Systems are:

  • Robust splittable frames with integrated NEMA 4X / IP66 gaskets
  • Snap-in UL94-V0 split frame inserts with single and multi-port sizes for terminated cables
  • Snap-in inserts include lock-in feature to hold insert in place prior to final assembly
  • Stainless steel screws for easy assembly of loaded frames
  • Double membrane cable entry plates for use with non-terminated cables
  • Wide range of sizes available to meet various requirements
  • Straight and 90-Degree entry

Visit the individual product pages for more information!

DES24 cable entry system

AerosUSA UL 1660 Listed Conduit and Fittings

To meet the needs of the HVAC industry and other industries requiring UL Listings, AerosUSA and Flexa GmbH, have developed a UL 1660 listed line of polyamide conduit and corresponding straight NPT and Metric threaded fittings. The products can be used for installation in accordance with Article 356 of ANSI / NFPA 70, “National Electrical Code” (NEC).

ROHRflex® PA 6 – UL – SD

Offering the same great characteristics and protections as our standard ROHRflex® PA 6 conduit, but now UL 1660 Listed. ROHRflex® PA 6 – UL – SD is classified as LFNC-C or liquid-tight, flexible, nonmetallic conduit, corrugated. Key properties are:

  • Air and liquid tight
  • Oil resistance up to 80°C
  • Benzine resistant
  • Widely resistant to acids and solvents
  • Free of silicone, cadmium & hydrogen
  • Highly self extinguishing
  • Flame retardant
  • Outdoor rated / UV-resistant
  • UL 1660 | CSA C22.2 Nr. 227.2.1-14


We are proud to announce our RQG-N & RQG-M straight fittings, RQW-N & RQW-M 90° fittings and RQB45-N & RQB45-M 45° fittings are now UL 514B listed. These are not new fittings to our get line of FLEXAquick fittings, but now they can be used where UL 514B is required. Our UL 514B fittings provide superior IP 68/69K ingress protection along with the advanced FLEXAquick technology.

View our AerosUSA UL Listed flier and the ROHRflex® PA 6 – UL – SD and fittings product pages for more information!

c ul listed logo

ROHRflex® PA 6-l Orange

New to the PA 6-L line of conduits is a brand new orange offering. Available in all standard sizes, the orange line of conduit offers the same great features and certifications as our black and gray PA 6-L. Previously, we only offered orange conduit as a standard option in our PA 12-S product line which offered greater flexibility, but at a higher price. Now customers can purchase orange conduit in our economically priced PA 6-L product line.

Advantages of ROHRflex® PA 6-L Orange

  • Allows for designation of higher voltage wiring
  • More robust than automotive loom
  • Provides up to an IP 68/69K sealed layer of protection
  • Economically priced compared to other orange air and liquid tight conduits on the market.

PA-12 black, grey, and orange conduit

Progress MultiLAYER Synthetic & Progress MultiLAYER NPB

New to our extensive line of cable gland offerings is the Progress MultiLAYER line of cable glands. Available in synthetic polyamide and nickel-plated brass, the new MultiLAYER line offers the same great advantages of our other Progress cable glands. Progress MultiLAYER cable glands offer an extremely wide clamping range and features integrated dust protection. The layers of the insert can be pulled out to increase the clamping range allowed by the cable gland.

Synthetic Progress MultiLAYER cable glands are available in three colors, Light Grey, Black and White. They are also available in three thread sizes: M20, M25 and M32.

Nickel-plated brass Progress MultiLAYER cable glands are available with standard thread length and long entry threads. They are also available in three thread sizes: M20, M25 and M32.

View the Progress multiLAYER instructions for more information.

Image of 4 metal cable ends