Military-Grade Cable Protection

Military organizations often operate in harsh environments that can impact the safe use of electrical and fiber optic systems. With flexible military-grade cable protection, you can keep wired systems in top shape for longer while staying in compliance with industry standards. AerosUSA offers multiple lines of conduits and other cable protection products from reputable manufacturers such as AGRO AG, Detas SpA and Flexa GmbH.

The military uses a variety of equipment, including communications, radar systems and computers, that relies on the proper functioning of wires and cables. These cables are subject to the effects of outside forces that can decrease their performance and even present safety risks to military employees. AerosUSA products help reduce these risks, cutting labor costs while keeping teams safe.

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Conduits and Other Cable Protection for the Military

Military wired or fiber optic systems without the proper security measures may be prone to fires and explosions. In harsh conditions, these cables and wires may have to handle the effects of the sun, moisture, dust, wind and other significant risk factors. From conduits, fittings and cable glands to braids and sleeves, cable chains and accessories, we have a wide inventory of equipment built to protect against these elements.

Some of the products we have available for the military include:

  • Explosion-proof flexible conduits
  • Explosion-proof conduit fittings
  • EMI / RFI shielded products
  • Flexible conduits for fiber optic cables
  • PVC conduits for fiber optic cables

With our product lines of AGRO and Flexa equipment, military organizations can build comprehensive cable protection systems. These products are designed to withstand a wide variety of conditions while resisting shock, UV rays, liquids and gases, flames and more. Lightweight and easy to use, our cable protection products will help reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of your organization’s processes.

Benefits of Choosing AerosUSA

Our goal is to help groups within the military increase safety and cost-effectiveness by keeping their cable systems in working condition and compliant with industry standards. All the products we offer are compliant with essential regulatory requirements, including BWB, UL, DNV, CSA, IEC, VDE, IRIS and LLOYD’s Register.

We have experience working with over a dozen industries, providing product solutions that meet the needs of specific businesses. We provide both customer-designed and pre-assembled products, along with top-notch customer service to address all your questions and concerns. You can count on our extensive expertise to guide you through the implementation process.

In addition to our large inventory, we offer scheduled orders, quick-turn deliveries and low minimum order requirements. Our fast inquiry and quote response times ensure we can deliver efficient services.

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