AerosUSA has come to an agreement with Agro AG, a leading manufacturer of cable glands, cord grips and related products offering the most extensive product line to be found anywhere.
AerosUSA will now be the largest North American distributor of the complete Agro product line.  Our website is being updated to include the entire Agro line.  In the meantime please contact us directly with any questions relating to products manufactured by Agro.

Again, Aeros USA/Agro has the largest offering of products at highly completive prices all shipping daily from our warehouse in Harrisburg, PA.

Reviewed for accuracy by: George Sims.
George Sims is an engineering and service-oriented leader in Cable Protection and Cable Management Products. Focus is on 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. AerosUSA is a small, agile, independent company whose focus is on our customers.