Food-Grade Conduit

The Food & Beverage industry has some of the most demanding standards across all industries. AerosUSA offers specially designed microbe-resistant conduits made from a galvanized steel inner core with polyurethane (PU) sheathing and tapered stainless steel fittings that reduce contamination and are equipped with high-efficiency plastic seals customized for the food and beverage industry.

AerosUSA is the premier supplier of Flexa GMbH food-grade conduits that are manufactured to the highest quality. All of our food-grade conduits are resistant to customary detergents and cleaning processes applied in the food and beverage industry. Our conduits carry certifications and recognition from the FDA, Ecolab and NSF.

Paired with our US-FOOD fittings, our conduit and fittings make a complete system — approved for food and beverage applications. Contact us today to learn more about our options for the food and beverage industry.

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What Are Food-Grade Conduit Systems?

Hygienic design in the food and beverage industry is crucial to avoid contamination, especially with the rise of conveyor system automation.

A food and beverage conduit safeguards your wiring while ensuring the conduits don’t become a source of contamination. Conduits with gaps can also collect water, which can damage electrical wiring and cause production downtime.

Conduit solutions for this industry must adhere to strict health and safety regulations to avoid contaminating a sterile food service environment.

What Regulations Must Food and Beverage Conduits Adhere to?

Conduits must meet FDA requirements. The NSF must further test conduits and materials that may come into contact with food to ensure they meet certain standards.

So conduits can stand up to the rigorous sanitation procedures in the food and beverage industry, manufacturers can test components through companies like Ecolab. Ecolab will test the conduits’ ability to withstand corrosion from harsh cleaning materials.

AerosUSA’s Food-Grade Conduits

AerosUSA offers the following FDA-approved conduits that carry certification from Ecolab and NSF:

  • AIRflex-GRS-FOOD: This flexible all-plastic conduit is air and liquid-tight and microbe resistant. It is also widely resistant to acids and oils. This conduit can withstand temperatures from 13 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to clean.
  • LIQUID-TIGHT-FOOD: This protective metal conduit is highly oil-resistant and extremely liquid-tight. It is also resistant to acid. This durable conduit can withstand temperatures between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advantages of AerosUSA Food-Grade Conduit

Our conduit meets the highest standards set out in the industry. With certifications and recognition from the FDA, Ecolab and NSF, our conduit is approved for any application in the food and beverage industry.

By providing two different food-grade options, we can meet the needs of your application. Options include a flexible, lighter duty conduit and another for heavy-duty requirements. Both conduits are designed to perform to the highest standards.

Safeguard the Wiring of Various Applications

Utilize a food-grade, liquid-tight conduit with anti-microbial features to safeguard wiring for an array of mechanical process equipment in:

  • Canning and bottling
  • Cooking and heating
  • Separation and filtration
  • Chopping and cutting
  • Cooling and freezing
  • Grinding and milling

Purchase FDA-Approved Food and Beverage Conduits Today

Designed to comply with FDA regulations, AerosUSA’s food and beverage products offer superb protection. Utilize our conduits to protect your electrical wiring and safeguard your plant from contaminants.

Our masterful team has experience working in the food and beverage industry and can answer any queries you might have about our product’s application requirements. Add the durable conduits you need to your cart and request a quote today.


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