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The robotics and automation industry is constantly growing thanks to the development of new technology. With reliable wire protection, businesses in the robotics industry can thrive as they develop new ways to simplify processes, both for other companies and the everyday consumer.

AerosUSA, a leading supplier of high performance wire and cable protection products, specializes in products engineered for the robotics and automation industries. Cabling and wiring for industrial robotics and automation equipment needs to be protected from harsh manufacturing environments such as high flex and the high wear and abrasion encountered during robotic operations. Our wire and cable protection products offer superior protection against corrosive materials, such as oils, chemicals, acids, solvents, and mechanical stresses.

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Wire and Cable Protection for the Robotic Industry

Our products safeguard and protect wires and cables against friction, mechanical stress and high wear, as well as corrosive materials, temperature extremes, moisture, dirt, and dust. For example, our cable glands for the automation industry create more secure seals between wires and equipment. We stock an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings, connectors, cable glands, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving, and energy guide chains designed for robotic and automation applications.

From braided wire sleeving to conduits for robotics, we carry a variety of compatible products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, AGRO AG and Flexa GmbH. Our inventory also includes polyamide conduits, continuous flex cables, sleeves and specialized robotic industry cable glands. We offer the equipment that will help your company tackle almost any project.

Flexa conduits for robotics and automation industry

Our Products Are:

  • Lightweight
  • Designed for high flex, continuous motion
  • Technologically advanced
  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to impact, UV light and flames
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use and integrate

We know how challenging it can be for businesses in the robotics and automation industry to find equipment that upholds the necessary regulations while meeting individual requirements. We strive to offer conduits for the robotic industry that use the latest technologies and provide optimal protection against strain and harmful substances.

Applications in the Automation Industry

Our products are flexible, which makes them ideal for a range of systems and uses within the industry. Some of the robotic and automation applications our wire and cable protection products are used in include:

  • Robotic work cells
  • Robot dress pack assemblies
  • Electrical raceways
  • Fiber optic and cable conduits, and flexible raceways
  • Cable and wire feeds and connectors to control panels
  • Switchbox, branch, and feeder wires and connectors

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We are the exclusive US representatives of the world-leading manufacturers of wire and cable protection systems. Our protection products offer the reliability, durability, and high performance you expect from a leading manufacturer, even in the harshest operating environments.

When it comes to cable protection in the robotic industry, you need a supplier that can offer unmatched expertise. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to superior customer service, providing each customer with the wire and cable protection system or component that meets their robotic and automation application requirements. We stock an extensive inventory and offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing.

We ensure all our equipment is safe and compliant. Our clients know they are protecting their assets and operating within the law. AerosUSA’s products meet international industry and regulatory standards, including UL, CSA, BWB, VDE, DNV, IEC, IRIS, and LLOYD’s Register.

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