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Mining and construction vehicles often operate in harsh or high-risk work areas. Heavy vehicle cable protection, such as conduit systems for the mining industry, can help keep essential wires and circuits in top condition.

Your employees are constantly on the move and tackling high-demand tasks. As a result, you need a heavy vehicle or mining industry conduit system that will be lightweight, technologically advanced and easy to install. With AerosUSA’s inventory of Flexa GmbH cable protection equipment, your company can reap all these benefits and more.

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An Extensive Inventory of Industrial Conduit Systems

AerosUSA specializes in wire and cable protection products designed for industrial vehicles. Our product range covers vehicles used in heavy construction and mining to hybrid industrial vehicles used in warehouses and manufacturing plants. These wire and cable protection products for mining and heavy duty equipment help keep the vehicles running smoothly and reliably for your operation. Our products provide protection from corrosive materials, such as oils, chemicals, acids, and solvents, mechanical stress, abrasion, high and low temperatures, and fire and flame.

We stock an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings, connectors, cable glands, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving, and energy guide chains designed for vehicle electrical systems, engines, and motors. Some of our conduit systems for heavy vehicles include:

In addition, we offer a variety of specialty braids and sleeves, liquid-tight fittings and metallic cable glands that can provide reliable construction vehicle and mining industry cable protection. Whether your company works with potentially dangerous substances or you have concerns about the effects of extreme temperatures on your equipment, these products offer the optimal solution.

Choose AerosUSA for Mining Industry Cable Protection

We offer wire and cable protection for mining, heavy construction and many other industries that require special safety measures for demanding work environments. AerosUSA’s products meet international industry and regulatory standards, including UL, CSA, BWB, VDE, DNV, IEC, IRIS, and LLOYD’s Register.

We represent the world-leading manufacturers of wire and cable protection systems. Our protection products offer the reliability, durability, and high performance you expect from a leading manufacturer, even in the most harshest of operating environments.

The primary mission of AerosUSA is to help businesses protect their electrical and fiber optic systems by meeting their individual needs. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to superior customer service, providing each customer with the wire and cable protection system or component that meets their application requirements. We stock an extensive inventory and offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing.

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AerosUSA remains unsurpassed in cable protection and strain relief solutions. With efficient services and a long history of expertise in wire protection for heavy duty vehicles, we are prepared to make sure you receive cost-effective, long-lasting products.

We will work with you to find the right conduit systems for your heavy vehicles. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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