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AerosUSA Cable Entry System (CES)

Multidimensional cable management solution to accommodate a diverse range of cables needed in electrical applications. Safely and securely install multiple cables, either terminated or non-terminated, inside equipment and electrical cabinets.

AerosUSA is the exclusive North American distributor of DetasSpA, specifically the DetasUltra cable entry systems that are manufactured to the highest quality. The DetasUltra cable entry systems are designed to provide innovative and reliable solutions at economical prices. View our complete CES product brochure.

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Solutions for Pre-Terminated Cables

Throughout the electrical industry pre-terminated cable applications are extremely common. The need to manage a variety of cables including HDMI, VGA, Coaxial, Industrial Ethernet, USB and sensor cables have caused problems across the industry. AerosUSA’s line of divisible cable entry frames and splittable grommets were designed to accommodate the needs of the electrical industry in managing pre-terminated cables. With eight different models available in the standard splittable frame line, a wide variety of cables and cable sizes can be managed without the need for an expansive list of SKUs. Key advantages of AerosUSA’s splittable frames:

  • NEMA 4X / IP 66 ratings for pre-terminated cable applications.
  • Robust splittable frames with integrated gaskets.
  • Snap-In UL94-V0 split frame inserts with single and multi-port sizes for terminated cables.
  • Snap-In inserts include lock-in feature to hold insert in place prior to final assembly.
  • Wide range of sizes available to meet various requirements.
  • Stainless steel screws for easy assembly of loaded frames.
  • Frames can be easily stacked due to assembly screws being accessed from the sides.
  • 90-Degree options available.

Cable Entry System (CES) Splittable Frame

The solution to pre-terminated cables for splittable frames can either be a rectangular or square cutout which also fit the footprint of industry standard rectangular multi-pin power connectors. In addition, more traditional round threaded entry frames are available to thread directly into the hub or installed through a knockout with the addition of a locknut to fasten securely.

AerosUSA has also developed a line of splittable cable glands to meet the cable management needs when the only option is a threaded or round entry hole. Along with the same advantages of the splittable frames, the splittable cable glands offer:

  • Available with threads ranging from M20 to M63.
  • DES Click allows tool free opening and closing of cable gland.
  • DESPRED 90 allows 90-Degree entry.
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Solutions for Non-Terminated Cables

Traditionally throughout industry when multiple cables need to be installed into one assembly, with high protection levels, a manufacturer would have to drill multiple holes and install the cables through individual cable glands. AerosUSA has designed an economical solution for installing multiple non-terminated cables with various diameters. Our line of cable plates has been designed to accommodate a variety of cable entries with the added protection of a double membrane system. The double membrane design allows for added strain relief and increased protection up to NEMA 4X and IP 66 in most models. Other key advantages of AeroUSA’s cable plates are:

  • Able to accept between 4 and 72 cables in one plate.
  • Wide range of cable diameters accepted in the same cable plate.
  • High water and dust ingress protection, NEMA 4X / IP 66.
  • UL94-V0 flammability materials are used for the ultimate in fire safety protection.
  • Double membrane design for added protection and strain relief.
  • Low profile options.
  • Rectangular, square, and circular cut-out options.

Cable Entry System (CES) Cable Plates

When trying to feed cables into pre-existing designs, sometimes the only option is a threaded hole. This has caused manufacturers and installers problems for years when there is a need for multiple cables through one opening. AerosUSA has designed round cable entry plates to meet these needs. With many of the same great features as our square and rectangular options, the round cable entry plates offer the ability to be threaded into an application. Other key advantages are:

  • Available with threads ranging from M20 to M63.
  • Able to accept between 1 and 35 cables into one plate.
  • Wide range of cable diameters accepted in the same cable plate.
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