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Cable Protection For Wind Energy

Wind power is a strong source of renewable energy that can be used to supply homes, schools, businesses and other facilities with electricity. At AerosUSA, we understand the challenges that can arise in wind turbine cable management. That’s why we offer a wide selection of products that provide reliable wire protection for the wind power industry.

Wind farms typically have cables and wires that need strong management to stay in working condition. Because wind turbine cables may be exposed to outside elements such as moisture, rain, wind and sunlight, they could be at risk if left unprotected. Extreme temperatures can cause cable ties to break, and UV rays can cause erosion and other damage over time. With cable protection for the wind power industry, you can reduce the effects of these elements and create a safer, more economical work environment.

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Application Guide

Download or view our application guide for a list of ideal products for your wind application.

wind Energy

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Secure Your Wind Power Cables With AerosUSA Conduits

Our inventory includes an extensive selection of conduits, cable chains, braids and sleeves, cable glands, fittings and accessories, which you can use to create a long-lasting cable protection system. We offer:

Our products are strong and durable yet quick to install, so you can implement your cable protection system without downtime or financial losses. We provide conduits and other wire management products with a variety of benefits, including UV resistance, water and UL 94VO flame resistance and more. They are flexible and strong against impact, so you can trust they will hold up even in the harshest environments.

Whether you’re working with wind turbines in a rural area or at an offshore location, turn to AerosUSA. Our products provide the ideal cable protection solution.

Benefits of Working With AerosUSA

We partner with Flexa GmbH and AGRO AG, two global leaders in wire protection, to provide diverse industries with the wire protection they need. The characteristics of our equipment outmatch those of competitors in our industry. Our customer-designed and preassembled products come with all the latest technology, so your business can stay current as market demands shift.

All the products we have in stock comply with UL, BWB, VDE, IRIS, CSA, IEC, DNV and LLOYD’s Register industry standards. We can help keep your cable protection system in compliance with critical regulations. In turn, you can maintain the integrity of your equipment and ensure your employees and assets stay safe.

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