Month: February 2022

Why Do Some Cables Have Filler?

When some types of cables are made, filler materials are used as part of their construction. These materials are added for a variety of reasons, from increasing the cable’s life to providing protection from high temperatures. There are several types of fillers used in cable construction, and they have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. […]

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Flat vs. Round Cables

If your industry requires dependable electrical power in demanding environments, you likely know the importance of choosing reliable cable protection. However, the choice of flat or round cables is also critical. Flat and round cables have significant design differences that make them advantageous in different applications. Knowing how to choose the right cable is essential for […]

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Cable Strain Causes and Solutions

Machines in almost every industry are advancing at an unprecedented rate, with each new generation becoming faster than the previous. These new systems rely heavily on cables transferring power between them. Extra attention should be given to the state of these cables since a system can fail if a cable takes on too much strain. […]

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