Solar Energy

Cable Protection For Solar Energy

Solar energy is a growing market, which indicates a bright future for leaders and employees in the field. To protect this future and help businesses bring in profits, AerosUSA provides wire protection for the solar power industry and other renewable energy companies.

At AerosUSA, we partner with world-leading cable protection product manufacturers such as Flexa GmbH and AGRO AG to offer long-lasting, reliable security solutions. From conduits for solar power farms to liquid-tight fittings and specialized cable glands, we have a variety of options that can help protect your wire systems from the elements.

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Download or view our application guide for a list of ideal products for your solar application.

Solar Energy

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AerosUSA Cable Protection for the Solar Power Industry

Solar power structures are typically built outside so they can harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity for homes, businesses and other projects. This exposes solar energy cables and wires to outdoor elements like UV rays, wind and water, which can cause wear and tear over time. Without the appropriate protection, your company could risk having to make expensive repairs or even compromising employee safety.

We offer a range of conduits, fittings, braids and sleeves, cable glands, cable entry systems, cable chains and accessories to mitigate these risks and offer comprehensive solar power industry wire protection. Some of our solar power conduit options include:

In addition, we offer fittings and glands that are flame-resistant, along with sealed products that can lock out moisture and withstand extreme temperatures. Our products can be used to secure:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Solar power plants
  • Other outside solar installations
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Why Choose AerosUSA?

At AerosUSA, we serve a wide variety of industries with our inventory of cable protection products. We have years of experience providing better wire security for electrical systems. This expertise allows us to meet the unique needs of each customer we serve. Our products are lightweight and easy to use, which makes them ideal for fast-paced environments and businesses that are working to streamline their processes.

We have a commitment to creating positive experiences for our customers. We pride ourselves on high-quality customer service and quick response times. You can trust us to provide the assistance you need in a timely manner. Request a quote today, and we’ll make sure to respond with the necessary pricing information as soon as possible.

Proper cable protection for the solar power industry requires a special level of care and due diligence to keep it up to date with industry standards. That’s why we ensure all our products comply with CSA, UL, VDE, BWB, IRIS, DNV, IEC and LLOYD’s Register regulations. Every piece of equipment we provide can help even the most demanding solar energy systems meet individual and industry-wide goals.

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