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Cable Protection For Hydro Power

As one of the most powerful forms of renewable energy, hydro power can be used to provide electricity to both small applications and major industrial projects. At AerosUSA, we provide cable protection for the hydro power industry as well as a variety of other renewable energy markets. Our cable protection products help shield your wired systems from the effects of external forces and keep them compliant with regulatory standards.

Hydroelectric systems may use power transmission cables and other wires for their operations. These cables and wires could sustain damage if left unprotected. Wires can be prone to corrosion, strain and failure when exposed to harsh environments for extended periods of time. AerosUSA products offer relief from strain and protect hydro power system components from moisture, shock, fires, UV rays, dust and more.

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AerosUSA Wire Protection for the Hydro Power Industry

Our manufacturing partners are Flexa GmbH and AGRO AG, which are known for developing some of the highest-quality cable protection products on the market. We carry multiple lines of wire security products for the hydro power industry, including conduits, braids, sleeves, fittings, cable glands, cable chains and accessories.

Among our inventory, we have flexible conduits for hydro power, which are ideal for outdoor environments thanks to their longevity and secure design. Flexible conduits are some of the best products for protection against moisture and other unwanted substances. Our liquid-tight conduits for hydro power are also effective against these risks.

Our products offer a variety of other benefits, including:

  • UV protection
  • Impact resistance
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Self-extinguishing features
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Lightweight design

Thanks to all these characteristics and qualities, you can build a hydro power cable protection system that offers long-term service and reduces safety risks for your equipment and workers.

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Why Work With AerosUSA?

At AerosUSA, we care about the satisfaction of our clients. That’s why we provide customer-designed and pre-assembled products, along with quick-turn deliveries to ensure you can make the most of your time. Because we have worked with so many businesses over the years, we know each industry has its own unique set of demands and requirements. Our hydro power industry wire protection and customer services are tailored to the needs of the most challenging hydroelectric systems.

Our priority is to use our expertise to help customers improve safety and increase business longevity. AerosUSA products help make this a reality thanks to their compliance with industry standards and regulations, including IRIS, UL, DNV, VDE, CSA, BWB, IEC and LLOYD’s Register. Whether you need a replacement flexible conduit or a completely new cable protection system, rely on AerosUSA for products that ensure compliance and reduce repair costs.

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