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Cable Protection For The Rail & Transit Industry

For many years, AerosUSA/Flexa has been a well-known and recognized partner of the railway industry thanks to its variety of flexible electrical conduits for rail systems. Our list of customers includes all major manufacturers of railway transportation systems worldwide. A few decades ago metallic conduits dominated the electrical installations of the railway industry. Today, specially designed products made of polyamide, which have to meet the highest international fire and safety standards, have become the norm. The design of such specialty products is made in close cooperation with the chemical industry and internationally recognized testing laboratories.

The technical requirements for these conduit systems are constantly increasing as the ongoing development of railway vehicles integrate more applications and therefore more electrical equipment. AerosUSA/FLEXA offers a variety of covers, accessory products and conduits for rail systems, which are dedicated to addressing these increasing requirements.
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Cable Protection for the Railway Industry

AerosUSA/FLEXA products allow businesses in the rail and transit industry to meet complex needs for their electrical systems and equipment. We offer a variety of polyamide conduits from the FLEXA ROHRflex line, as well as liquid-tight flexible conduits and galvanized flexible conduits for rail vehicles.

Some of the other products we offer for rail systems include:

Flexible metal conduits and cable glands, along with other pieces of equipment, need to meet the tight schedules and power demands of the transit industry. That’s why we provide long-lasting equipment that is designed to withstand harsh environments. Whatever your business requirements, our products are damage-resistant, easy to use and quick to install.

Exterior Applications

Our highly engineered polyamide conduits for rail systems are very flexible, yet extremely durable making them ideal for both static and dynamic applications for the railway industry. Whether the application is inside or outside we have the solution for you. The FLEXA ROHRflex® conduit exhibits outstanding resistance to UV and weathering at low and high temperatures and retains the ability to endure extreme mechanical stress and impact resistance. Our solutions have surpassed customer expectations in areas where other products fall short. These applications would include underneath the railcar, on the railcar rooftop and for the inter-car jumpers, couplers and bogies. The IP68/IP69K (>NEMA 6P) fittings make for a smooth ride with shock and vibration proof connections to the conduit.

Interior Applications

With its excellent self-extinguishing properties and minimal emission of smoke and toxic gases, the FLEXA ROHRflex® line of conduits is a perfect fit for the passenger compartment of the railcar and other interior locations. The ROHRflex® line of polyamide conduits for rail systems complies with the highest international flame, smoke and toxicity standards.

Application Guide

Download or view our application guide for a list of ideal products for your rail & transit application.

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At AerosUSA, we provide wire protection for many sectors of the railway industry, including light rail transit, heavy cargo transport and more. We’ve built positive relationships with companies on a global scale thanks to our quick response times, exceptional customer service and high level of expertise.

Benefits of the rail system corrugated conduits, braided cable sleeving and other products we offer include:

  • Easy installation with One-piece connectors
  • Ingress protection IP68/IP69k (> NEMA 6P)
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Enhanced flexibility and fatigue strength
  • Excellent impact resistance & mechanical strength
  • Excellent temperature ranges
  • Self-extinguishing with & very low smoke development
  • Shock and vibration proof connections
  • ROHS and REACH compliant
  • UL & CSA approvals


Leaders in the rail and transit industry are responsible for upholding a variety of standards. Stay compliant with our products, which have the following certifications:

  • SMP 800-C
  • DIN 5510 Part 2
  • CEN/TS 45545-2-2009
  • NFF 13-101/102
  • BS 6853:1999
  • UNIFER E10.02.977

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AerosUSA wire protection for the railway industry is the ultimate solution for your system’s requirements. Our products reduce strain and help increase the longevity of electrical equipment used by transit vehicles. Order a polyamide or flexible nonmetallic conduit or other products for rail systems today. Contact us for more information about the products we offer.

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