Fiber Optic Conduit

Fiber Optic Conduit

AerosUSA, a leading supplier of high performance wire and cable protection products, provides products designed for use in the Opto-electronics industry. Our OPTOFLEX wire and cable protection products provide reliability, durability, and high performance in your demanding applications.

Our products are used to safeguard and protect fiber optic wires and cables against heat, cold, moisture, dirt, dust, pressure stress, UV and other potentially harmful environmental influences. We stock an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings and connectors, cable glands, cable entry systems, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving products, and energy guide chains designed for Opto-electronic applications.

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Opto-Electronic (Optoflex) Cable Protection From AerosUSA

Laser and Fiber Optic systems exist in numerous environments under a variety of physical demands. Tensile stresses, mechanical bending of fibers, temperature changes and other environmental factors are some of the elements that can put your system at risk without the proper cable protection. To keep your equipment, fiber optic / laser/ medical, in good condition for years to come, you need a safe and compliant protected system.

Our Optoflex products are the ideal solution to safeguard and protect fiber optic wires and cables against the elements. Our specialized conduits can protect your wires and cables against heat, cold, moisture, dirt, dust, pressure stress, UV and other potentially harmful environmental influences. We offer a wide range of protective conduits, in a variety of materials, to meet the needs of your application. Some of the applications we currently serve include:

  • Laser cutting systems
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Thermocouples
  • Medical endoscopes
  • Sensors
  • Telecommunications
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Most common opto-electronic systems

SPR-AS / SPR-VA: Galvanized and stainless steel conduits providing high flexibility, stretch resistance and lateral compression resistance. These conduits are IP40 and operate most effectively against the risks of abrasion and impact.

PSL-VA / PS-VA: Flexible metal conduits designed to help protect against hot and cold temperatures, liquids, abrasions, gases and more. Made from a helix of stainless steel, fiber glass braiding and silicone rubber sheathing, these specialized conduits provide superior flexibility. Commonly used for Endoscopes in the medical field.

FDW-VA: A special protective conduit helix for the sensor technology and beam wave guide technology (fiber optics). These products are stainless steel and operate in the temperature range of -200ºC up to 600ºC. Due to their durability and resistant to damage, these conduits can improve the longevity of your fiber optic systems.

SPR-PVC-AS / SPR-PVC: IP 68 rated conduits created from galvanized steel with PVC sheathing. Designed to keep cables and wires safe and protected, these conduits are weatherproof and resistant to seawater, acids and oils. The provide high flexibility, stretch resistance, compression resistance and are non-flame propagating.


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Thanks to our years of experience in the cable protection industry, we have unmatched expertise and are ready to help you find the right product. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to superior customer service, providing each customer with the wire and cable protection system or component that meets their specific opto-electronic application requirements. We stock an extensive inventory and offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing.

With Optoflex cable protection you can keep your fiber optic, laser systems, medical devices and instrumentation system in working condition on a long-term basis and reduce repair and replacement expenses. Call today to see how we can help you with product solutions that will prove themselves every time!


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