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AerosUSA is your supplier of high-performance mechanical cable protection. As Flexa GmbH’s exclusive representative in the U.S., we offer their world-leading products to industries across North America. We also distribute for AGRO AG, a top manufacturer that specializes in cable glands and connectors.


As your top polyamide plastic and electrical conduit supplier, we offer a wide selection from trusted manufacturers. Our diverse selection helps you meet industry requirements and build custom solutions. Our inventory of industrial conduits includes:

cables in conduits


Our inventory of conduit fittings compliment our conduit solutions. Find the right connector for the job with options such as:

Our selection of connectors includes specialty options for industries with highly specific requirements. Choices like our liquid-tight fittings withstand unique environments to protect your wire system.

FLEXAquick Fitting RQG-M

Cable Entry Systems

AerosUSA’s line of cable entry systems make it easy to manage pre-terminated and non-terminated cables going into electrical cabinets or other applications.

Available in our cable entry system offerings are both knock-out options and threaded entry options.

DES24 cable entry system

Cable Glands

When sealing and terminating a cable, the best cable glands provide full protection. Save money while receiving dependable performance with our cost-effective cable gland options. Discover cable glands and related products from AerosUSA:

Synthetic Cable Gland

Wire and Cable Sleeving Products

Browse our selection of reliable braided sleeving products for wire and cable protection and cable bundling. We carry sleeves and braids to provide you with high-performance solutions. Learn more about each product line:

  • Protect against mechanical stress, abrasion and thermal stress. Choose from braided polyamide or woven polyester. Braids include impact-resistant and self-closing options.
  • Features fiberglass braiding and an internal or external silicone rubber coating. The silicone provides insulation and defends against chemicals and corrosion. Consider options with EMC shielding and fire protection for specialty applications.
Flexo Braid

Cable Track / Guide Chains

Cable guide chains support and channel cables and hoses. They secure your hose or cable in environments that involve motion and mechanical stress. We sell two categories of cable guide chains, ready for your unique applications:

  • Standard: A standard cable guide chain defends hoses and cables from the mechanical stress and entanglement associated with automation.
  • Heavy: Heavy-duty cable chains provide added protection in automation applications involving high levels of stress and wear.
cable guide chain


Turn to AeroUSA as your supplier of accessories for Flexa GmbH mechanical cable protection solutions and Agro cable gland products. We sell options such as:

GMK-M lock nut

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