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The versatility of plastic has led to its use across virtually every industry. Modern technology has extended the use of plastic to protective materials thanks to improvements in rigidity and resistance. As a leading plastic flexible conduit supplier, we offer the capabilities of plastic to our customers.

From light-duty split flexible plastic conduit to rugged PVC-coated steel, our product lines cover many applications. We have customers in rail and transit, offshore drilling, HVAC and other industries, and our products are proven to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments.

Our nylon, polyamide, PP, PU, plastic and PVC flexible electrical conduits are becoming more common in both new construction and retrofitting due to their light weight, flexibility and protection against environmental hazards such as liquid, dust and damage. AerosUSA specializes in providing products that meet the exacting needs of our customers, and we offer flexible conduits in multiple configurations.

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Benefits of PVC and Plastic Electrical Conduits

Flexible plastic electrical conduit for cables is generally made with PVC, polyurethane, polypropylene or polyamide. These materials are waterproof as well as oil and chemical-resistant, allowing them to protect wiring from damage due to acid or caustic liquid exposure. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and wear, demonstrate exceptional tolerance to extreme temperatures and possess vibration-dampening properties. These characteristics make them ideal for shielding power and connection cables for machinery.

One of the hallmarks of using Polyamide, PVC and plastic for conduit tubing is the flexibility of these materials. Designed to accommodate tight bends, flexible plastic conduit will provide superior protection where liquid tight conduit may not fit. Using Polyamide flexible conduit will keep your wires and cables safe, organized and routed precisely where you need them without entanglement.

AerosUSA offers flexible conduit with specialized features so customers can find exactly what they need. Split flexible plastic conduit features a clean-cut slit along one side, allowing you to slip this protective covering over wires that are already attached at both ends. Frequently used in automotive wire harnesses, this flexible conduit provides wire protection and support with convenient installation.

In demanding environments, PVC-coated steel flexible conduit offers an adjustable fit with the additional rigidity of a helical steel wrap to defend against crush damage or kinking. AerosUSA also offers plastic and PVC flexible conduit with plastic helices, smooth and corrugated finishes and wire wraps to suit particular needs.

If you need information on our flexible plastic conduit sizes or pipe sizes, give us a call. Our expert team is always ready to provide technical product advice.

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Enjoy the Advantages of Flexible Plastic Conduit From AerosUSA

With products that meet international regulatory standards, including CSA, UL and VDE, AerosUSA is one of the best conduit suppliers in North America. Our company was founded by industry experts who understand the challenges of navigating regulations, identifying project needs and getting products to a job site.

We are dedicated to providing top-quality customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Our knowledgeable team strives for quick responses, fast deliveries and superior product knowledge, and we always do our best to find your ideal cable and wiring protection solution. Call 717-238-1444 today and see what AerosUSA can do for you.

Polypropylene Conduit

Lightweight, flexible plastic conduit has introduced significant changes to cable protection. By changing the chemical makeup, manufacturers can create plastics with specific properties to suit various environments. Polypropylene is one of these carefully engineered materials. With its flame retardance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength, polypropylene flexible conduit is an excellent choice for cable protection.

AerosUSA has established exclusive relationships with some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of cable protection solutions. Our customers operate in the renewable energyrail and transitheavy equipment industries and more. Our technologically advanced protection options have proven themselves in these demanding environments over and over again.

Uses and Advantages of Polypropylene Flexible Conduit

Like most plastic flexible conduit, polypropylene tubing is lightweight and easy to cut and fit. Polypropylene possesses some unique advantages. Since this material displays excellent insulative qualities, it lends itself readily to the protection of electrical wiring. Polypropylene is also flame retardant and self-extinguishing to minimize the risk of fire.

In addition to being waterproof, polypropylene flexible conduit is exceptionally resilient when faced with chemical exposure. This sturdy material will resist damage from acids, bases and solvents, as well as oil and gas. Polypropylene conduit is also UV resistant and will prevent cable degradation when used in outdoor applications.

When you need to protect pre-assembled cables, polypropylene flex split conduit is one of the best options available. Equipped with a two-piece design allowing it to be slipped over wiring, split flexible conduit requires no unplugging. AerosUSA offers divisible polypropylene conduit to accommodate wiring splits and forks. This reclosable design is ideal for retrofitting jobs.

As the exclusive U.S. representative of world-renowned manufacturer Flexa GmbH, AerosUSA provides polypropylene flex split conduit with FLEXAZip® technology. Utilizing a wire routing tool and an additional closure strip for sealing, this design allows for the rapid, effortless placement of cables so you can ensure their protection.

Given its resistance to abrasion, heat, fire and aggressive chemicals, polypropylene flexible conduit is a favorite for industrial machinery. The flex split design makes this versatile conduit excellent for wiring harnesses in engine bays that may interact with heat, sparks and chemicals.

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AerosUSA: Specializing in Flexible Conduits for Any Application

Our founders worked in cable protection for years before they started AerosUSA. Their goal was to create an enterprise based on expert product knowledge and superior customer service. Since then, AerosUSA has reached around the world to identify the best manufacturers of cable protection technology, and we are proud to bring those products to our customers.

With the wealth of conduit options available, it can be challenging to find the best choice for your specific project. At AerosUSA, our team of industry experts is always ready to discuss customer projects and help find the best cable shielding solution for your operating environment and wiring needs.

For prompt, courteous responses, fast delivery and products you can trust, call us today at 717-238-1444. We’ll help you find what you need and get it to you quickly.

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