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Cable Protection For Food & Beverage

The requirements of products applied in the food and beverage industry are fairly demanding. The machines used in this industry, as well as the connected cables and conduits, have to meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. AerosUSA offers specially designed microbe resistant conduits made from a galvanized steel inner core with polyurethane (PU) sheathing and tapered stainless steel fittings which reduce contamination equipped with with high-efficiency plastic seals customized for the food and beverage industry. Our products are resistant to customary detergents and cleaning processes applied in the food and beverage industry.

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Meeting the Highest Standards

Our products meet the highest industry standards to be used in the food & beverage industry


The Food and Drug Administration is the organization to control food production and food processing in the USA. This authority has to protect public health and also controls safety and efficiency of organic, medical and food products along with radiating devices. Its sphere of responsibility covers both products made in the USA and products imported to the USA.


ECOLAB is technologies and services for the water, energy and hygiene sectors. Its detergents are applied by food-processing companies, in the gastronomy and by health services all over the world. Our products such as protective conduits and the corresponding connectors have been awarded with the so-called ECOLAB certificate, which is an important proof of detergent resistance.


The NSF / ANSI 52 standard applies to materials and coatings used for the production of items and objects bound to be in direct contact with food. The standard also applies to protective conduits, pipes and corresponding connectors.


Our Solutions

Airflex-GRS Food

  • Flexible, food-safe
  • Microbe resistant
  • Air and liquid tight


  • For heavy-duty requirements
  • Smooth lead-free PU sheathing
  • Acc. to RoHS

US-FOOD Connector

  • To mount the AIRflex-GRS-FOOD and Liquid-Tight-Food protective conduits
  • Optimal protection against the penetration of humidity or of solid matters
  • Easy to clean features
  • Robust and safe
  • Resistance to customary detergents and disinfectants

Progress ultraFLAT

  • Ideal for clean rooms and food industry
  • Minimal surface for contamination
  • Available with high-temperature or FDA approved sealing inserts

Cable Entry Systems

  • Manage a variety of cable with ease
  • Splittable frames and cable plates for electrical panels
  • ECOLAB certified
  • DES PDM 24 Clean
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