Month: May 2022

What Different Electrical Wire Colors Really Mean

Handling electrical wires can pose serious threats to both the layperson and the trained electrician, which is why it’s nothing short of critical to understand wire colorings. There are several wire identification standards that rely on color codes, and most industry professionals agree on what electrical wiring colors typically represent. These colors can clue you […]

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Wires vs. Cables

The terms wire and cable are often used interchangeably, but they refer to two distinct electrical components. Using one in place of the other probably wouldn’t confuse the average person, but there are important distinctions between the two. In general, a cable is made up of multiple wires, which can also be used on their […]

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Calculating Conduit Fill Percentage

Conduits — any tube or trough that encases wires — protect against strain and wear from the elements. Electricians may want to stuff conduits, but overfilling can lead to unsafe installation. When running electrical cables and wires, it is essential to calculate the appropriate conduit fill to prevent conductor damage and meet national safety standards. […]

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