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FLEXAquick® Technology

Engineered to provide extremely quick and secure connections to the ROHRflex® polyamide conduit system. A one-piece, full-integrated connector, requiring no tools for installation. Including push-in lock technology improving productivity up to 5 times greater than traditional methods. FLEXAquick® connectors’ innovative design provides reliable, durable performance while reducing assembly time and eliminating the need for special tools. Constructed out of polyamide, making them an ideal connector for cable conduits and equipment in corrosive, high wear, or outdoor environments.

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FLEXAquick® Advantages

The FLEXAquick® connectors paired with the ROHRflex® polyamide conduit line makes the entire system truly stand out over the competition. The one-piece connector minimizes the need for extra parts and drastically reduces labor cost by minimizing installation time.

Key Advantages

  • Fast assembly & disassembly
  • Integrated IP 68 (NEMA 6P) sealing
  • Integrated locking mechanism
  • No components to lose or break
  • Extensive FLEXAquick® connector line.
flexaquick conduit

Light Line Fittings

Offering some of the same great features and advantages as the FLEXAquick® system, Light Line conduit fittings were developed to meet the needs of the economical application. Light Line fittings offer tool free installation and can be installed in the matter of seconds to any ROHRflex® conduit. The fittings are easily removed using a flat head screwdriver, reducing labor costs on both sides of the application. Light Line fittings are available with NPT, Metric, and PG threads and straight, 45°, and 90° styles. The fittings have a quality ingress protection rating of IP 65.

Light Line fittings are the ideal choice of conduit fitting when cost is the utmost of importance. The tool free installation allows for major labor savings compared to alternative products on the market. Compared to our IP 66 and 68|69K fittings, the light line fittings save customers between 35-50%.

Contact us today to learn more about our Light Line fittings and how they can fit the needs of your application.

FLEXAquick Fitting RQLB1 90-N

FLEXAquick - Product Overview

FLEXAquick - Product Overview

FLEXAquick - Against the Elements

FLEXAquick - Against the Elements

Light Line

Light Line