Tubing Clamp Systems

Secure your application’s tubing with durable and easy-to-install clamps. AerosUSA offers tubing clamp solutions for various applications with a large inventory of premium clamps and extensive accessories.

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RQM Overview

RQM Overview

RQM Clamping System

RQM Clamping System

What Are Tubing Clamp Systems?

A robust clamping system securely holds pipes and tubing in place, preventing dislodgement. Tubing clamps are available in various materials, sizes and bracketing options to accommodate different pipe diameters and applications in an array of industries, including:

  • Construction and plumbing
  • Water treatment
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Petrochemical and oil refineries
  • Food and beverage industry

To find the appropriate tubing clamps for your application, your tubing clamp system should meet the following requirements:

  • Snuggly fit around your tubing
  • Withstand corrosion
  • Enable some movement, where it would be beneficial for certain applications

Find the Best Clamps for Your Application

AerosUSA offers an array of clamps to meet your application requirements. Search for the perfect clamp by selecting:

  • Your desired material: We offer various plastic clamps that work well for pipes carrying lightweight loads like gas. Plastic clamps also provide resistance against UV discoloration, thermal shock and electrical conductivity. To reduce noise, absorb vibration and extend the life span of your tubing, opt for cushioned clamps. We carry galvanized steel clamps with rubber cushioning that withstand high mechanical stress.
  • The best type: Choose a heavy, medium or light-duty clamp for your application. We also offer an array of accessories and reducers that provide strain relief, enhance movement and reduce vibration.
  • The correct temperature: Ensure you know what temperatures your clamp system must withstand before selecting your clamps.

Benefits of Tubing Clamp Systems

Pipe clamps are easy to install and adjust. A tubing clamp system simplifies maintenance and modifications. A well-fitted clamp securely holds your tubing to prevent your pipes from shifting or sagging. This stabilizes your entire application and minimizes leaks to keep your application running optimally, reducing downtime. Tube clamp systems can also help reduce vibrations, preventing pipe damage.

Select AerosUSA Tube Clamp Systems Today

Unsurpassed in tube protection and strain relief, AerosUSA offers certified and tested clamp solutions for your application. Browse our inventory to find the best product for your application and request a quote today! We’re ready to give you a quick response.

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