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Protection from the elements and other potentially harmful materials is a necessity when you work with marine and offshore equipment. The reliability of your cable protection system could save your company from hours of downtime and large sums of financial losses. AerosUSA carries an extensive selection of marine-grade conduits and other protective equipment for offshore companies.

AerosUSA supplies wire and cable protection products to the marine and offshore industries. We are the exclusive US representatives of world-leading manufacturers of wire and cable protection systems. Our protection products offer the reliability, durability, and high performance you’d expect from a leading manufacturer, required in the most demanding marine environments.

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Application Guide

Download or view our application guide for a list of ideal products for your marine application.

Marine & Offshore

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AerosUSA Marine and Offshore Products

Cable and wiring equipment in marine and offshore environments need to be protected from salt water, moisture, as well as corrosive materials, such as oils, chemicals, acids, and solvents, and mechanical stresses. Additionally, protection against fire and flame by using materials that are self-extinguishing is also critical.

Our fiber optic and EMC shielding products are the optimal solutions for a variety of demanding and high-risk environments, including those in the marine industry. Benefits of these products include their flexibility, compatibility with heavy equipment and protection from chemicals and high temperatures. We also have a variety of equipment that can be used offshore, such as specialized and flexible products, marine waterproof cable glands, marine wire connectors and more.

The advantage of working with AerosUSA is that our products are high-quality and easy to use. Complete with UV, fire and impact resistance, our conduits and covers are built to provide maximum longevity for systems with even the most challenging requirements. Our marine electrical conduits help businesses worldwide by providing simple, alternative solutions to expensive replacements and repairs, while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Marine Cable Protection Applications

We stock an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings, connectors, cable glands, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving, and energy guide chains ideal for marine and offshore applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Cable protection for ship-board compartments, open decks, and cargo holds
  • Protection for cabling in masts and movable systems
  • From hydraulics and environmental factors
  • Engine room cabling and wiring
  • Electrical raceways
  • Fiber optic and cable conduits, and flexible raceways
  • Cable and wire feeds and connectors to control panels
  • Switchbox, branch, and feeder wires and connectors

AerosUSA’s products meet international industry and regulatory standards, including UL, CSA, BWB, VDE, DNV, IEC, IRIS, and LLOYD’s Register.

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