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Braided Wire & Cable Protection Sleeves

Are you searching for braided wire sleeve options? If so, you’re not alone. Businesses in the robotics, medicalminingrenewable energy, mechanical engineering, transportationHVAC, shipbuilding, and heavy construction industries also rely on braided sleeving on a day-to-day basis.

At AerosUSA, we provide a huge selection of high-quality braided wire sleeve options so that you always have access to the materials needed to do your work. Learn more about our selection of wire protection sleeving in the space below, and contact us if we can answer any questions as you seek the perfect braided cable sleeving solutions to meet your needs.

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Find a Selection of Quality Products

It’s important that you enjoy access to a large selection of high-quality products when you need a braided wire sleeve, and you’ll find the selection and quality you’re looking for when you choose AerosUSA as your supplier. At AerosUSA, we’re a leading supplier of high performance braids & sleeves for industrial wire and cable protection applications. As one of the leading cable sleeve suppliers, we carry braids and sleeves manufactured by industry leaders, which are known to provide long-term and durable performance across industries and applications.

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Get the Performance You Need

Cable braids and sleeves provide protection against abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, heat, and electromechanical waves for wire and cable in industrial and outdoor applications. Because these wire protection sleeving products are often used in harsh environments when temperatures are high and the demands are great, you need products that are tough and can perform reliably. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in our selection, which includes products like:

  • AerosUSA braided cable management sleeves are available in braided polyamide or woven polyester, offering mechanical and thermal protection as well as abrasion resistance. Impact resistant and self-closing sleeves are also available.
  • AerosUSA fiberglass braided sleeves with an internal or external silicone rubber coating provides insulation and good chemical and corrosion resistance. Sleeves providing EMC shielding and fire protection are available.

Get Real Value for Your Investment

Any business needs products that perform at prices they can afford. At AerosUSA, we offer the braided wire sleeve options listed above, and we also offer everyday competitive prices so that you can get real value for your investment. Make sure you’re getting both quality and affordability by trusting the selection you’ll find at AerosUSA.

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Braided Cables & Wire Protection Sleeves

AerosUSA supplies high quality protective braids and sleeves for industrial wire and cable applications. Used to provide mechanical and thermal protection, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance for wire and cable, our line of braids and sleeves are manufactured by leading manufacturers of wire and cable protective braiding systems. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is available to assist in selecting the protective cable braid or sleeve that meets your application requirements. With the proper cable cover and protection, your wire and cable can withstand harsh operational environments.

Our cable braids and sleeves are used for cable protection throughout industrial applications, including:

  • Vehicle harnessing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Chemical processing
  • Wastewater processing
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Rail and switch power cabling
  • Engine, turbine, and power generation connectors and cabling
  • High wear, high stress production and processing machinery
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment and cabling

We offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. Call today to see how we can help you optimize your cable management.

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Nylon / Polyethylene Braided Sleeving

Wired systems play a major role in ensuring that industrial operations run smoothly. It’s critical to implement safety measures that can guard these systems from wear and tear. Nylon and polyethylene braided sleeving solutions from AerosUSA provide the necessary protection to keep your wires and cables in strong condition over the long-term. This protection saves money and improves overall safety.

Benefits of Braided Nylon Wire Sleeving

Cables are often vulnerable to damage caused by the elements and other harsh environmental conditions, including:

  • Mechanical stress
  • UV rays
  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Impact and shock

Braided nylon wire sleeving reduces the effects of these risk factors and preserves the quality of your cable systems over a longer period of time. For business leaders that serve industries such as manufacturing and processingrenewable energy, and HVAC, this type of cable protection is a worthwhile investment.

Why Nylon and Polyethylene Mesh Cable Sleeves?

Nylon and polyethylene (PET) are popular materials often used to develop high-quality cable protection products. Both materials are lightweight, flexible and can be altered to fit your individual needs and machine requirements. These properties make them easy to install, so you can reduce any downtime that may be necessary when implementing a more complex solution.

Nylon and polyethylene braided sleeving products come with a range of benefits for long-lasting cable protection. For example, nylon functions as an effective sleeve material because of its durability and resistance to abrasions. Our nylon expandable braided sleeving products conform to different shapes and sizes. In addition, nylon helps block out moisture, which is known to seep into wires and cause functional issues.

Polyethylene offers many similar advantages to nylon, including water resistance and exceptional longevity. It also offers special strength against other factors such as corrosion and high impact. This material helps relieve strain that can otherwise have a negative influence on your machinery’s performance over time.

Thanks to their high-level protection from a number of external risk factors, we recommend nylon and polyethylene braided sleeving products to all companies that want to reduce cable wear and tear.

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Flexible Braided Sleeving

Wires used for industrial applications could be subject to any number of risks, from corrosion and breaks to mechanical failures and explosions. With braided flexible electrical sleeving from AerosUSA, it’s possible to mitigate many of these risks and create a safer, more economical work environment for your employees.

At AerosUSA, we’ve partnered with reputable manufacturers such as Flexa GmbH and AGRO AG to deliver high-quality cable protection for a variety of businesses. Our expertise lies in our advanced technology and unrivaled customer service, which allow us to provide flexible braided sleeving solutions across multiple industries.

What Are the Advantages of Flexible Braided Cables?

Typically made of soft, malleable material, a braided flex sleeve fits over a cable or multiple wires and protects them against a variety of risk factors. For instance, these products can protect against:

  • Cold or hot temperatures
  • Cuts
  • Resist gasoline, solvents, salt water and chemicals
  • EMI / RFI Interference
  • UV, Sunlight, rain and wind
  • Abrasions
  • Impact

Our flexible braided sleeving products are easy to install and will help keep your wires more organized. This can be a powerful time-saving asset, especially if your company uses many different types of equipment and machinery. From rail, transit and HVAC to robotics and general machine, a wide range of industries can benefit from braided flexible sleeving and other products from AerosUSA.

Flexible sleeving can conform to the shape or direction necessary for your cables to function. When rigid protection is insufficient for an electrical or fiber optic system, many companies turn to flexible sleeves and conduits as a better cable and cord management solution.

Our sleeve offerings include PET, multifilament polyester fibers, nylon 6-6 polyamide, rodent resistant filaments, denier cordura®, tin copper metal braid, stainless steel, and other specialized materials. Flexible braided sleeves offer chemical resistance and withstand extremely high and low temperatures. Additional silicon rubber and fiberglass sleeves are known for their resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

Unsurpassed Cable Protection From AerosUSA

We strive to help businesses maximize safety and ensure industry regulatory compliance with our flexible braided sleeving products. Aside from our large inventory of durable, high-grade sleeves and conduits, we pride ourselves on a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our experience and expertise allow us to serve many industries while catering to the unique needs of each business.

We know how hectic business schedules can become. As a result, we provide fast deliveries, quick response times and excellent customer service. Our goal is to make the most of your time so you can feel confident about the cable protection that we offer.

Flame Retardant Braided Sleeving

Any company that works with heavy machinery or equipment could be at risk of a fire. This is also true for fast-paced organizations that work in harsh environments. If you work with industrial equipment that operates under high temperatures or strain on a regular basis, you need a reliable cable protection system.

At AerosUSA, we provide a large inventory of flame retardant cable sleeving options for businesses that have high flame or explosion risks. With our products, companies can protect their employees from injury while preventing major financial losses in their facilities. Our equipment serves a broad range of industries, so work with us to find the right braided sleeving solution for your needs.

Benefits of Flame Retardant Braided Wire Sleeving

Our inventory of braids and sleeves includes an array of solutions. Many of our products have self-extinguishing properties, which allow them to maintain cable integrity and keep wires from catching fire, even in harsh work environments. These products are made of sturdy, durable material and reinforced with self-extinguishing additives. As a result, our braids and sleeves protect against flame, along with several other risk factors like abrasions, corrosion, chemicals and more.

AerosUSA offers multiple fire-resistant product options, including flame retardant expandable sleeving and polyethylene cable sleeving. The benefit of using expandable sleeves is that they protect against high temperature and flames while conforming to fit irregular shapes. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that may need to secure specific types of wires or bundles. Polyethylene is known for its longevity and ability to withstand the elements.

Applications of Flame Retardant Cable Sleeving

Our flame retardant braided sleeving can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

With these flexible, lightweight sleeves, you can reduce the risk of an accident and maximize your operational efficiency. Our braids and sleeves are quick to install and easy to use for a fast, seamless implementation process.

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Customer Service That Can’t Be Beat

At AerosUSA, we’re always here to provide the customer support you need. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is available to assist in selecting the protective cable braid or sleeve that meets your unique application requirements. We can answer questions and provide free quotes and estimates as needed.

We offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. We fully understand that our customers who need braided cable sleeving often need it urgently, so we work with urgency to fulfill and deliver each and every order that comes in. We even offer low minimum order requirements so that you have the freedom to order in the quantities you require.

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