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Organizations in the machine tool industry need to take a variety of safety and security measures when handling equipment and operating in challenging environments. One of these safety measures includes machine tool wire protection, which acts as a shield to help prevent dangerous fires, explosions and mechanical failures. With AerosUSA’s inventory of Flexa GmbH cable protection products, you can maximize safety and lower equipment repair expenses.

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AerosUSA Cable Protection for the Machine Tool Industry

AerosUSA specializes in wire and cable protection products designed for the unique requirements of the machine tool industry. Cabling and wiring for equipment used to design and manufacture machine tools and ancillary machinery needs to be protected from harsh manufacturing environments as well as the high wear and abrasion encountered during those operations. Our wire and machine tool cable protection products offer superior protection against corrosive materials, such as oils, cutting fluids, chemicals, acids, solvents, and mechanical stresses. We also offer products that provide protection against high heat, fire and flame.

We stock an extensive inventory of machine tool conduits, fittings, connectors, cable glands, cable entry systems, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving, and energy guide chains designed for robotic and automation applications.  Several of the applications our wire and cable protection products are used for include:

  • Electrical raceways
  • Fiber optic and cable conduits, and flexible raceways
  • Cable and wire feeds and connectors to control panels
  • Switchbox, branch, and feeder wires and connectors
  • Power generation equipment
  • Motors and engines

Our most reliable cable protection products include a range of machine tool flexible conduits, which provide exceptional strength and durability as well as malleability not offered by rigid conduits. Flexible conduits give your business plenty of freedom and come in liquid-tight, metal, and non-metal types.

The right machine tool conduit for your applications will keep workers and equipment safe from the risks of strain, gases, liquid spills and more.

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We make sure that all the products in our inventory are in line with the most current regulations. AerosUSA’s products meet international industry and regulatory standards, including UL, CSA, BWB, VDE, DNV, IEC, IRIS, and LLOYD’s Register.

We are the exclusive US representatives of Flexa GmbH, the world-leading manufacturer of wire and cable protection systems. Our experience and expertise span multiple industries. As a result, we know how to meet the needs of individual machine tool companies along with a wide range of other businesses looking to upgrade their safety measures. Our protection products offer the reliability, durability, and high performance you expect from a leading manufacturer, even in the harshest operating environments.

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