ROHRflex PA 6

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ROHRflex PA 6


The ROHRflex PA 6 is a conduit for several applications, including vehicles, electrical installations and machine building. It is often considered ideal for static applications. If you need a conduit, the ROHRflex PA 6 offers several benefits for your job.

PA 6 Conduit

The ROHRflex PA 6 is a versatile conduit suitable for several applications. It has internal and external corrugation, with the inside composed of all plastic tubing. It offers numerous beneficial features, including oil resistance. The flame-retardant conduit also has resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our products provide cable protection and help prevent dust and water from entering. The ROHRflex PA 6 has high impact resistance and extensive flexibility. These conduits are also easy to use and quick to install. For a durable and advanced cable conduit, choose the ROHRflex PA 6 from AerosUSA today.


The specifications for the ROHRflex PA 6 conduit include:

Material: Plastics PA 6

-40°F ... + 248°F ^ + 302°F
-40°C ... + 120°C ^ + 150°C

Flammability: V0 [UL 94]

Protection Class: IP 68 | IP 69K

Color: Black


  • air- and liquid-tight
  • oil resistant up to 80°C
  • benzine resistant
  • widely resistant to acid and solvents
  • free of silicone, cadmium, halogen
  • highly self-extinguishing
  • flame retardant
  • black excellent UV-resistant, grey limited resistance
  • UL file No. E86359

Detailed Data Sheet