Specialty Technology


AerosUSA supplies specialty conduits, connectors, fittings and cable glands for EMC shielded, fiber optic, high temperature and other demanding applications.

EMC shielded products offer protection against electro-magnetic waves that could interfere with the effectiveness of the cable or wire. These products maintain the integrity of the data and electrical current passing through the cable or wire. We offer ROHRflex®, FLEXAgraff®, and SPR conduits and connectors with EMC shielding.

Fiber optic cable requires specialized conduits to accommodate the applications that use fiber optics. Flexa GmbH’s Optoflex® line of conduits are designed for sensor technology and beam waveguide technics which are used in medical devices, metrology instruments, sensors, and opto-electronics. They are very light, extremely flexible, and scratch resistant. Sheathed in silicone-rubber, they can be coiled and bent without cracking or breaking.

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Image of grey and black optoflex cables

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