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Polyamide Conduit

Light, flexible and easy to fit, corrugated plastic conduit is used in many industries. When plastic flexible conduit is made with polyamide, it becomes even more versatile. This advanced polymer possesses valuable properties such as resistance to heat and chemicals, making it a viable option for demanding industries such as rail and transitHVACmanufacturing. and robotics.

AerosUSA is the premier supplier of Flexa GMbH polyamide conduits that are manufactured to the highest quality. All of our conduits perform under the harshest industrial environments. Our inventory is stocked with different types of polyamide conduits with specifications that work in conjunction with your wire and cable application.

We also offer FLEXAquick® fittings and connectors so you can use this dynamic material as efficiently as possible. These one-piece connectors use push-in locks for a fast, secure seal — no special tools or equipment required. With an Ingress Protection of up to IP68/IP69K, FLEXAquick® connectors are available in multiple configurations and made with the same sturdy polyamide as our flexible conduit, ensuring seamless protection from environmental hazards.

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Advantages of Polyamide Conduit for Cable Protection

Polyamide conduits are excellent for protecting wire and cable that require liquid-proof installations on machines that produce excess oil, grease, and benzine due to increased temperatures. This type of conduit is also great for machines with high mechanical stress. To meet these requirements, our polyamide conduits have important features such as:

  • Oil-resistance
  • Benzine resistance
  • Acid and solvent resistance
  • Self-extinguishing capabilities
  • Flame retardant capabilities

For robotics applications, these characteristics are complemented by the high-impact configuration of polyamide cable conduit. Made with a corrugated design for maximum durability, our PA 12 and PA 12D lines support continuous motion and frequent reverse bending with their extreme flexibility. These conduit options are corrugated inside and out, and include heavy walls for high cross-pressure strength.

Polyamide can be made air and liquid tight with the correct fittings. The accompanying polyamide fittings from Flexa GmbH require no specialized tools for rapid installation. As a result, polyamide cable conduit is a cost-effective solution that provides advantageous features and improves productivity.

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Uses of Polyamide Electrical Conduits

Since polyamide flexible conduit is highly resistant to UV damage, it is suitable for outdoor use as well as manufacturing environments. With a service life of up to 50 years, this corrugated conduit will supply the flexibility needed to protect virtually any electrical cable from degrading. With FLEXAquick® connectors providing waterproof seals, outdoor cable protection is also possible.

Industrial job sites are frequently subject to extreme temperatures. Cable protection must defend against short and long-term exposures. Polyamide electrical conduit fittings maintain their integrity in the -58 to 392-degree range, making these heat-resistant conduits an effective option for manufacturing processes that generate heat or hot splashes.

AerosUSA understands the need for highly specialized & superior flexible conduit to protect electrical and other wiring. That’s why we also offer advanced features such as electromagnetic shielding. This EMC defense is available in internal and external configurations to meet specific needs. With this feature, nonmetallic polyamide conduit is a viable method of cable protection for MRI or computer rooms processing a great deal of power and data.

Highly versatile and designed to fit a wide variety of connectors and fittings, polyamide flexible conduit will suit many applications. Please contact us if you need any assistance deciding where this Flexa conduit might work best for you.

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Flexa conduits for robotics and automation industry

Divisible Retrofit Conduits

AerosUSA supplies specialized conduits for the North American industrial market place. Our wire and cable protection products and conduits have earned the reputation for high quality performance, reliability, and durability for even the harshest industrial environments. These products are being used more extensively in many new and retrofit applications where the use of traditional metallic, plastic conduit or liquid tight products are declining or have failed.

Our divisible and retrofittable conduits are generally manufactured using polyamide or polypropylene. These materials offer superior protection for wire and cables due to their resistance to corrosion, oils, acids, moisture, liquids, high wear and abrasion-resistant properties, and high performance in extreme temperatures. These divisible / retrofittable conduits are flexible, divisible and provide mechanical protection of cables and wires in retrofit and pre-existing installations.  The divisible and retrofittable conduits are best suited where pre-existing cable installations may require additional protection after the fact and after an original installation.  Due to the ease of assembly these conduit systems are idea when retrofits are necessary or instances when additional or new cables need to be added to existing installations without the need for re-wiring thus saving considerable time and expense. These conduits are available in a range of sizes and profile configurations to meet your application requirements and are also complimented with our divisible fittings and locknuts.

Our retrofittable conduits are used in the following applications:

  • Retrofit cables on existing machinery
  • Bundling of pre-existing installed cables
  • Protection of pre-assembled harnesses with connectorized ends
  • Electrical raceways and ductwork
  • Computer rooms
  • Data centers
  • Entertainment centers
  • Control panels
  • Electrical appliances
  • High end vehicle installations

AerosUSA’s product line includes the Flexazip and Flexa DUO series of specialized conduits. They are also complimented by our RQG – DUO and GMK DUO divisible fittings and locknuts.  They provide superior performance in harsh, hazardous, and high-volume environments. Our conduits are cost-effective and economical, offering reliable, durable performance and meet international industry and regulatory standards.

At AerosUSA, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and committed to superior customer service. We provide quick response, fast delivery, and high quality, high performance Flexa conduit products to solve your wire and cable protection challenges.  Call today to see how we can help you.

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Work With the Leading Polyamide Conduit Supplier in North America

Our team at AeroUSA is ready to help guide you in the right direction for your Industrial application. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible cable management system solution in your unique industrial environment to save you on the potential cost of downtime and equipment replacement, keeping your bottom line in the black.

AerosUSA was founded by a group of experts with a rich background in cable protection and cable management. When they had trouble finding a supplier that combined industry expertise, product quality and great customer service, they decided to start one. At AerosUSA, we serve customers across the globe and strive to exemplify these attributes in every interaction.

When you work with us, you’ll experience the best customer service available, with quick response times and fast delivery. Our team of experts will be happy to help you select the best polyamide cable conduit fitting for your specific requirements and get it to you as quickly as possible. Call today.

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