What Is Corrugated Conduit?

Cable and wire protection must combine many features for optimal performance. One of the most common cable protection challenges is the need for flexibility. That’s why AerosUSA maintains a massive inventory of corrugated conduits to suit any industry.

Corrugated conduits incorporate ridges to allow for easy bending without unnecessary strain. The corrugation allows the conduit to flex around corners and through crowded spaces while protecting cables. This technique can be used to create tubing using Polyamide, nylon or even polyurethane. AerosUSA serves companies that operate in some of the harshest, most specialized industrial environments, and we are one of the leading corrugated conduit suppliers in North America.


Types of Corrugated Electrical Conduit for Commercial Use

Flexible corrugated plastic tubing is one of the most common varieties of conduit. With its corrugated design, it can be used to lend flexibility to numerous materials, including:

Polyurethane / PU

PU flexible corrugated conduit suits many applications and is commonly used due to the natural advantages of the material. Waterproof PU resists corrosion, abrasion, chemical damage and is microbe resistant and has outstanding qualities at low temperatures.  Its lightweight construction makes it easy to trim for a perfect installation. PU conduit is an excellent solution for lighter duty jobs.

Polypropylene / PP

With its semicrystalline structure, polypropylene is flexible even by plastic standards. Corrugated flexible non-split polypropylene conduit possesses excellent insulative properties, making it ideal for protecting electrical wiring. Its solid construction, chemical resistance and flame retardance offer protection in harsh environments. Polypropylene conduit can also be split for easy protection on retrofitting jobs.

Polyamide / Nylon

Self-extinguishing and non-toxic, corrugated nylon flexible conduit is an excellent cable protection method in areas involving a fire risk. In addition to resisting ingress by liquids and gases, it is highly resilient against solvents and acids. Nylon flexible conduit is light but rugged, lending itself to challenging industrial installations such as protecting machinery cabling.

AerosUSA Sources the Best in Corrugated Conduits

AerosUSA provides a comprehensive selection of corrugated conduit in a number of sizes to customers across various industries. Whether you need the economical protection of flexible PVC, the self-extinguishing characteristics of nylon tubing or the premium protection of corrugated stainless steel, we have options.

If you’re not sure what you need, one of our knowledgeable industry experts will be happy to discuss your project and point you in the right direction.

AerosUSA is committed to providing the best customer service in the business. Since our company was founded by experts in the cable protection industry, we make sure every customer receives fast responses, quick shipping and quality products. Call 717-238-1444 today to see how we can meet your corrugated conduit needs.

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