Cable Glands vs. Cable Entry Systems

Cable management is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your electrical system. Securing your cables protects them from damage and keeps them routed correctly. Two of our leading cable entry solutions are cable glands and cable entry systems. Find out which is best suited for your application and call 717-238-1444 for a quote.

Cable Glands

These are glands used to attach electrical cables to equipment securely. Each cable gland accommodates one individual cable connection. Cable glands offer long-term protection and are not easily removable. Standard cable glands have a metal or plastic construction, but armored cable glands are available depending on your needs and for wiring requiring extra protection. Other types of cable glands we have include:

  • Waterproof
  • Electrical
  • Stainless steel
  • Anti-kink
  • High-temperature
  • Fire-stop
  • Electromagnetic (EMC)

Advantages of Cable Glands

Cable glands offer several benefits, including:

  • Protecting the wiring from environmental hazards.
  • Providing IP-rated water ingress protection.
  • Offering strain relief against twisting and pulling forces.

Cable Entry Systems

In the past, companies that needed to install multiple cables into a single assembly would have to drill openings and use cable glands to install cables through the holes. This method takes a lot of time and requires significant space in the control box. A cable entry system makes installation easier. There are two central cable entry systems:

1. Gland Plates

Gland plates come pre-built with anywhere from four to 72 entries per plate. Rather than drilling many holes, you can install the cable entry plate and feed the cables through the entries.

2. Splittable Frames

Use splittable frames for maximum customization. These frames retain the same ease of installation as gland plates. They have multiple variations, allowing for numerous configurations and applications with varying sizes and types of cables. Splittable frame inserts will enable you to fit all your diverse cables through a singular frame to simplify your cable entry into your enclosure.

Benefits of Cable Entry Plates

Below are common advantages of cable entry plates:

  • The split system enables the routing of wires using preassembled connections.
  • High cable density enables a lower footprint for cable entrance.
  • Installation of cable entrance plates takes less than 10 minutes, but cable glands require field termination after wiring, which can take up to an hour per cable.

Upgrade Your Cable Management System With AerosUSA

Whether you need cable glands or cable entry plates depends on your application. Cable glands are great for individual cables or wiring that requires extra protection, while cable entry systems provide customization and easy installation for bulk cable management with a diverse set of wires. Entry systems also allow you to route multiple cables quickly, saving you time.

Learn more about which solution could be best for you by contacting our experts today.

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