NEW PRODUCT ALERT – PA -6-D – Polyamide Conduit

tough conduitAerosUSA’s PA 6-D highly impact resistant modified polyamide conduit can withstand the impact of a hammer strike and being run over by a forklift without any negative consequences to the cables inside, making them ideal for use in harsh industrial communications applications. These thick-walled, flexible conduits are flame retardant and self-extinguishing, have excellent cross pressure strength, are resistant to benzene, acid, solvents, and oil up to 80°C, exhibit outstanding low-temperature properties down to -40°C, and are free of silicone, cadmium, halogen. Designed for use with the company’s FLEXAquick fitting system, they are available in OD 10mm (5/16”) to OD 54.5mm (2”).

Reviewed for accuracy by: George Sims.
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