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Braids and Sleeves


Braided Wire & Cable Protection Sleeves

Are you searching for braided wire sleeve options? If so, you’re not alone. Businesses in the robotics, medicalminingrenewable energy, mechanical engineering, transportationHVAC, shipbuilding, and heavy construction industries also rely on braided sleeving on a day-to-day basis.

At AerosUSA, we provide a huge selection of high-quality braided wire sleeve options so that you always have access to the materials needed to do your work. Learn more about our selection of wire protection sleeving in the space below, and contact us if we can answer any questions as you seek the perfect braided cable sleeving solutions to meet your needs.

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Fiber Optic Conduit


Fiber Optic Strain Relief

AerosUSA, a leading supplier of high performance 
wire and cable protection products, provides products designed for use in the Opto-electronics industry. Components and devices in this field convert light to electricity or vice versa and are utilized in numerous critical operations or valuable electronics. We supply fiber cable conduits that are designed to keep these instruments operational when they're needed most. Our OPTOFLEX wire and cable protection products provide reliability, durability, and high performance in your demanding applications. Our products are used to safeguard and protect fiber optic wires and cables against heat, cold, moisture, dirt, dust, pressure stress, UV and other potentially harmful environmental influences. We stock an extensive inventory of conduits, fittings and connectors, cable glands, cable entry systems, strain relief glands, braids & sleeving products, and energy guide chains designed for Opto-electronic applications.
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Conduit Fittings

When you and your business rely on fittings, you need access to a wide selection that includes nothing but high-quality fittings to choose from. Companies in the heavy constructionHVAC, shipbuilding, transportationrenewable energyrobotics, fiber optics, and medical industries need flexible conduit fittings — and they can find them at AerosUSA.

At AerosUSA, we offer the selection of conduit fittings that companies in various industries need, including stainless steel food-grade conduit fittings, polyamide conduit fittings, nylon conduit fittings and more. Learn more about our selection of fittings below, and contact us if we can answer any questions during your search.

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FLEXAquick® Fittings


FLEXAquick® Technology

Engineered to provide extremely quick and secure connections to the 
ROHRflex® polyamide conduit system. A one-piece, full-integrated connector, requiring no tools for installation. Including push-in lock technology improving productivity up to 5 times greater than traditional methods. FLEXAquick® connectors’ innovative design provides reliable, durable performance while reducing assembly time and eliminating the need for special tools. Constructed out of polyamide, they are an ideal connector for cable conduits and equipment in corrosive, high wear or outdoor environments.
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Food-Grade Conduit

The Food & Beverage industry has some of the most demanding standards across all industries. AerosUSA offers specially designed microbe-resistant conduits made from a galvanized steel inner core with polyurethane (PU) sheathing and tapered stainless steel fittings that reduce contamination and are equipped with high-efficiency plastic seals customized for the food and beverage industry. AerosUSA is the premier supplier of Flexa GMbH food-grade conduits that are manufactured to the highest quality. All of our food-grade conduits are resistant to customary detergents and cleaning processes applied in the food and beverage industry. Our conduits carry certifications and recognition from the FDA, Ecolab and NSF. Paired with our US-FOOD fittings, our conduit and fittings make a complete system — approved for food and beverage applications. Contact us today to learn more about our options for the food and beverage industry.
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Guide Chain


Flexible Cable Chains

Designed to keep cables safe while facilitating ease and unity of movement, flexible cable guide chains are critical to ensure the continued life and performance of your wiring. Flexible cable tracks are 
highly valuable to the automation industry, where machines are constantly moving and require multiple inputs to sustain their power and programming. As a leader in supporting industries ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications, AerosUSA understands that cable management and protection is vital to your business operations. A flexible cable guide will prevent entanglement, minimize stress and keep cables or hoses organized for easy maintenance, all while keeping them free of dirt and debris.
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Protective Metal Conduit

Electrical Conduit / Tubing

Protecting electrical wiring is vital for everything from personal safety to productivity. Given the importance of keeping cables safe and organized, 
AerosUSA is dedicated to being a leading North American supplier of electrical conduit tubing. Our customers span industries including renewable energyHVAC, and offshore drilling, and have high expectations for the conduits that shield their energy sources. That's why we offer multiple types of electrical conduit, including metallic and nonmetallic options.
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Protective Metal Conduit Liquid Tight

Liquid-Tight Flexible Conduits

You want the best protection on the market for your wiring. Engineered to withstand even the most challenging industrial environments, liquid-tight flexible conduits from AerosUSA are resilient, adaptable and available in metallic and non-metallic options to fit a variety of industries and applications.

Today's working environments are fast-paced and focused on efficiency. As a result, there are many benefits to using liquid-tight flexible conduits for cable and wire protection. Flexible tubing is ideal for challenging setups in tight areas, allowing for tight bends and quick adjustment to maximize your economy of space. AerosUSA supplies galvanized steel liquid-tight flexible conduits in addition to non-metallic PVC and Polyamide options, so you never have to compromise on protection.

AerosUSA has customers in some of the world's most demanding industries. Whether you're working on HVAC setupsoffshore rigs or rail and transit systems, you want products you can rely on. From liquid-tight conduit to cable chains, AerosUSA offers only the highest level of product quality.

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Types of Liquid-Tight Flexible Conduits

Liquid-tight conduits are available in various options to meet the needs of different applications. Liquid-tight conduits are often categorized into two groups — metallic and non-metallic. Metallic liquid-tight flexible conduits tend to be more expensive than their non-metallic counterparts. Metal conduits offer excellent protection against pests, extreme temperatures and even fire. A popular metallic conduit is the liquid-tight flexible metal conduit (LFMC). LFMCs provide flexibility while still protecting against moisture. This makes LFMCs suitable for many applications, including hazardous areas. Meanwhile, non-metallic liquid-tight flexible conduits are lighter weight, more affordable, more flexible and more corrosion resistant. The most popular non-metallic conduit is the liquid-tight flexible non-metallic conduit (LFNC). An LFNC is made of PVC with a smooth outer and inner surface. This conduit is commonly used in ventilation, heating, air conditioning and power plants. Many different conduit options are available within these two categories. Explore the various options offered at AerosUSA, or reach out to our team for expert guidance.

What Is the Difference Between FMC and FMT Conduits?

Along with LFMCs and LNFCs, there are also flexible metal conduits (FMC) and flexible metal tubing (FMT). FMCs and LFMCs are very similar — however, FMCs are not designed to be waterproof. LFMCs have an additional plastic coating that makes them water-tight. So, when choosing between LFMCs or FMCs, LFMCs are the better choice for moisture protection. Unlike FMCs, FMTs are waterproof. However, FMTs are technically not considered conduits but rather a raceway. FMTs are still excellent for enclosing wiring. FMTs can be used for various applications and allow easier access to the wiring once installed if needed.
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ROHRflex Conduit

Polyamide Conduit

Light, flexible and easy to fit, corrugated
plastic conduit is used in many industries. When plastic flexible conduit is made with polyamide, it becomes even more versatile. This advanced polymer possesses valuable properties such as resistance to heat and chemicals, making it a viable option for demanding industries such as rail and transitHVACmanufacturing. and robotics. AerosUSA is the premier supplier of Flexa GMbH polyamide conduits that are manufactured to the highest quality. All of our conduits perform under the harshest industrial environments. Our inventory is stocked with different types of polyamide conduits with specifications that work in conjunction with your wire and cable application. We also offer FLEXAquick® fittings and connectors so you can use this dynamic material as efficiently as possible. These one-piece connectors use push-in locks for a fast, secure seal — no special tools or equipment required. With an Ingress Protection of up to IP68/IP69K, FLEXAquick® connectors are available in multiple configurations and made with the same sturdy polyamide as our flexible conduit, ensuring seamless protection from environmental hazards.
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