Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1

Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1 sleeving


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Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1

Ideal way to create a tight, professional finish on any wire, hose or cable management project. Once shrunk, the tubing will hold its reduced state even in elevated temperatures. Most versatile of the heatshrink products. The high shrink ratio, 4:1, ensures that the tubing will slip over large connectors or plugs and still provide a tight, professional seal. Available in black.

Material: Polyolefin

Temperature: -67°F up to 275°F, melts at 392°F

Flammability: VW-1

Color: Black


  • ShrinkTemperature 194°F (90°C)
  • Versatile And Economical Termination Solution
  • Resists Common Automotive Chemicals
  • Easily Installs Over Connectors And Splices
  • Custom Printing Available