AerosUSA was founded by veterans of the cable protection industry who were frustrated with the lack of customer focus in the industry. Our mission is simple – to provide exemplary customer service focusing on our customers’ needs.

AerosUSA has grown because of remaining true to our mission. This fact is evidenced by our returning customers and excellent reputation in the industry. Over the years, we have forged relationships with the top global manufacturers of cable protection products and related accessories and components.

We work with innovative, cutting-edge manufacturers to provide our customers with the latest technological advances. Whether it’s in materials that improve performance and reduce cost or developing products to meet the changing needs of the market, we have your solution. Our products are engineered for industrial use, from standard protective cable conduits to specialty products that provide EMC shielding, protect fiber optic cables in medical devices, and can withstand high stress, high wear robotic applications. Our extensive product line includes:

  • Conduits – Polyamide, metallic, plastic, braided, and specialty EMC and fiber optic conduits.
  • Fittings / Connectors – Polyamide, metallic, plastic, and specialty Y’s, T’s and EMC.
  • Braids and sleeves – Protective sleeves for general purpose, heavy duty, and EMC shielding applications.
  • Cable Glands – Metallic, Synthetic, Stainless Steel, High Temperature Pressure Balance and specialty EMC cable glands with additional strain relief.
  • Cable Guide Chains – Hinged, flexible cable guide chains and strong, lightweight cable guide chain channels.
  • Accessories – Standard and specialized fittings, support clamps, sealing and locking accessories, and adapters.

We support our product sales with expert engineering and assembly services to provide each customer with a cable protection system that will meet or exceed their requirements.

AerosUSA serves all industries, including the rail & transit, renewable energy, robotics & automation, general machine, marine & offshore, mining & heavy vehicles, HVAC, and hybrid vehicle industries. Our staff has expertise in the industries we serve, and can assist you in selecting the best cable protection system for your application.

We are agile – offering quick quotes, fast delivery, and flexibility in order quantities – and focused on providing each customer with superior service. We are committed to providing added value for each customer. We are headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, where we maintain a large extensive inventory and fabrication and assembly facility.

Contact us to learn how our customer focus, agile response, and industry expertise can solve your wire and cable protection challenge.

If you need the best in quality and quick turn deliveries, AerosUSA is prepared to offer you solutions